Best Managers

Published June 9, 2016 by bellasstories

The best managers in the world are my mom and dad and brother. Here are just a few reasons why they win the best manager of the year award!

First of all, they are always encouraging me to write. My mom, Cheri , my dad Zohar, and my brother, Jacob. They all ways say “Bella, I know whatever you write, it will be great!” They are amazing parents!

They also inspire me to write! They take me to places I’ve never been before and that inspire me! Like the last week or two, we were in Connecticut for a competition and they made a weekend out of it. We went to Mark Twain’s House! Finally, they let me follow my dreams aka they believe in me! every so often I want to be something new, like now, I want to be an old people nurse! They said “Bella I think you’ll be an incredible one”

Like I stated earlier, these are just a hand full of reasons why family make they let me follow my dreams. Help me imagine. And encourage me.


Why Uniforms Shouldn’t Be Banned!

Published June 9, 2016 by bellasstories

Did you know that tons of school’s wear what they want? But millions of kids get bullied because they a have different way of dressing? I want to change that. For I am Isabella Laor and you can hate me all you want, but I stick to my theory.

I think we should have uniforms because it’s really easy to “pick” out your cloths in the morning. When you wake up in the morning you are still a little sleepy head. So it might take you longer than you want in the morning. With a uniform its already picked out for you! It is also gives you more time to do all of the other stuff you have to in the morning! That is only ONE reason why we should have uniforms!

I think we should have uniforms because millions of kids get bullied mainly because they don’t have enough money to my the “newest” trends! Did you know that over 1,000 schools let kids wear what they want? What parents don’t know is that some of these kids are being bullied because of this!       This is yet another reason why we should wear uniforms!

But most of all I want uniforms because if kids are wearing uniforms they are happy to come into class. Not just because it is just a happy day, but because everyone looks the same. You will never know who has more money and who doesn’t. So in conclusion, I think we should have uniforms.

As I said, I think that kids should have uniforms because it’s easier to pick out cloths in the morning, no more bulling, and kids just being plain ol’ nice to each other!


                  Thank You 


Published January 15, 2016 by bellasstories

My favorite teacher in the world is sweet loving caring and thoughtful. She was the best 3rd grade teacher in the world. There is no one in the world like her . Its the one, and only Ms.Stehlik.  Now you know that only the important people I put in pink. Well , she’s that important to me! Don’t go requesting her, or – or move to Delaware just to have her as a teacher.

 Just remember, it was only my 3rd year at linden hill and she made me feel welcome. In fact I met my best friend in HER class. How awesome is that. I guess in her class you make life long friends!



                                                  – BELLA L.


                       I just want to say , Ms.Stehlik if you’re reading this, thanks !

Lady Liberty!

Published January 8, 2016 by bellasstories

Hi, I’m Lady Liberty and these people are blocking my view for miles and miles! It’s now certainly 12:11 PM and people have been stomping around in my head all day LONG! Please don’t mind my mood, I have a headache.

Little kids, little kids, I can’t stand the way they run inside my head! But once I see the amazed looks on their faces then, it gets all better!   If I’m sooooo famous, why do they let people stand in me? I was built back in … Well I don’t know, because I was being built!

They are climbing up on high dangerous pillars to see little old me! I’m speechless. They are putting their lives at risk for me! I guess they’re not so bad.

I thought I hated people running around in my head, but now that I’m closed for renovations I yearn for people. although I don’t have a headache, my heart hurts. It’s a cold snowy winter and I’m cold and empty and lonely! I need the little kids running. I wish for the hustle and bustle of the people, I miss the selfies, the flashing of the cameras. I thought they were annoying! I guess not! I just miss everything! 

Now it’s spring and I have a whole new perspective of things. its warm outside and the bees are buzzing love the spring! I’m opened and people are back inside of me! I’m excited. I got a fresh coat of luxurious green paint. The loud pounding footsteps of the people are a relaxing sound. music   to my ears!



This was an assignment for school, it was when my teacher gave us a photo and we had to write a story from that person’s point of view. This was from folder #4 and this picture, of two immigrants on pillars looking at Lady Liberty just spoke to me!


Trying Out for the Football Team

Published January 8, 2016 by bellasstories

Dear Diary,

   It was a cold crisp morning when, I tried out for the football team! as I getting a free throw the coach screamed extremely loud “all right people, listen up I have chosen the people to be on the team. ” he was jabbering on about something when I heard my name “Bella” omg I made the team!

the first afternoon of practice, with the sophomores was awesome, but surprisingly I was the only girl there !!!!!!!!!

All of the dudes were checking me out! I was horrified. just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean you can be demeaning !!!! al because I’m a girl they didn’t throw to me. no one said I threw like a girl .so that’s a plus! one day at practice the class photographer said “smile for the camera ” 

Other than having to cut my hair short, it was the best week of my life!




The Waiting Room

Published January 7, 2016 by bellasstories


Dear Readers ,

So this is a story about a haunted waiting room in Tennessee . A little girl named Ally . If you would like to read more than like my blog .





One day Ally was playing out side when she fell off her scooter and broke her leg . It was the most awful day of her life. when she found out that she actually broke it she had to go to the doctors office !  she hatted the doctors office , she said that she saw spirit . but of curs everyone thought she was CRAZY !  THE THING IS THAT SHE IS RIGHT !




                                           -Bella Stories

 I’d like to thank my family  and my teachers !


Published January 5, 2016 by bellasstories

 Dear Readers ,

  In this story by: ME I talk all about what I did with all of my awesome day back to my wondrous school named Linden Hill Elementary School . I love my school . After winter break is hard to get back on a schedule .Here is a story about that day .

Hope you enjoy it

The first day of school, after winter break, is torture because you’re used to sleeping in late, and eating whenever you want !

My days were, sleeping in until 9:00 , eating at 1:00 and going to sleep at 11:00 . I know what you think “Wow Bella that’s the life “.  May I just say that yes, it is !

On the first day back to school I’m on a school schedule:

  •  11:45: I go out to recess 
  •  12:10: we have lunch
  • and after lunch we read !

I also stayed  after school . But not for detention or anything like that , more like play practice !

I tried out for Annie Jr. and I got in , not for who I wanted but I got a part and that’s all that matters , right? I’m my friend Tommy’s servant    :-)that guy that sings that song   “all ways look on the bright side of LIFE” I have to say, that is a awesome quote,  it’s my favorite one ,( I was saying it all day ) .





Thank you daddy for helping me step by step , and for super mom who gave a super day to look forward to , you drive me to school and pick me up so thank you for that , and thank  you my Savta  for giving me positive encouragement that a 11 year old girl needs to start her day off on a good start .I love those little pictures  .

                                                          – Love You All